The Oak Regeneration group proposes the implementation of exclusion schemes for agricultural activity in areas of spontaneous regeneration and potential areas for natural regeneration of cork oak and holm oak for their improvement.

The implementation of agricultural activity exclusion schemes includes the management and conduction of areas where spontaneous natural regeneration of cork oak and holm oak occurs, always compatible with the ”Montado” management plans.

By managing natural cork oak and holm oak regeneration areas that occur spontaneously in their “Montados” and by extending successfully these areas of natural regeneration occurrence in potential areas, forest owners/managers ensure the ecological and economic sustainability of an agroforestry system of high environmental value.


Project code

Start date

Date of the conclusion

Total eligible cost

Financial support from the European Union (80%)
EAFRD (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development) – €136 780.83

National/regional public financial support (20%)
€34 195.21